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History of Rawhaw Wood

The earliest written record we have for the wood dates back to 1299, when the wood was owned by monks from the Cistercian Abbey at Pipewell.

During the reformation of the monasteries in 1538, Henry VIII took the wood into royal ownership and it became part of the Rockingham forest, now an area of around 200 sq miles, made up of many individual woodlands and open farmland, situated in the North Northamptonshire countryside between Stamford in the north and Kettering and Thrapston in the south, with the rivers Welland and Nene forming the West and East boundaries respectively.

Rawhaw wood is semi-natural ancient woodland and also a site of special scientific interest, it has a history of coppice management that can be traced back for four hundred years.


This Ash tree in Rawhaw wood is
believed to be over 500 years old.