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Rawhaw produced charcoal
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Charcoal Bags

Hazel Products

We offer a range of hazel products produced at Rawhaw wood

  • Pea Sticks
  • Bean Sticks
  • Traditional Pea Fans
  • Hazel Bean Stick – side shoots give extra support for runner beans.
  • Hazel Plant Supports
  • High Quality Stakes and Binders for hedge laying.
  • Rustic Furniture - more details.

Please telephone to confirm availability.

Pea Sticks & Bean Sticks

Stakes & Binders for fencing

Artists Charcoal - made from willow sticks.

Hazel Stick Pencils

Other hazel sticks and rods can be supplied to order.

When you buy charcoal, bundles of hazel rods or any of the goods made from ‘Rawhaw Wood’, you’re not only purchasing a quality product, but supporting woodland management, sustainability and British wildlife.


Barbeque Charcoal – naturally easy lighting without the need for firelighters or fuel, so your food isn’t tainted. It quickly reaches cooking temperature in approx 15mins (photo by Bernard Hales).

Hazel Garden Border Hurdles

Peacock feathers - No peacocks are harmed to get the feathers. We just wait for them to moult and then collect them.